Wi-Fi May Soon Be Available Nearly Everywhere on Earth

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Public wireless networks have become extremely popular in the last few years, especially in coffee shops and bookstores. They are used to attract customers to businesses and services. The free access is an incentive. Interoperability allows products from different companies to work in unison and prevents users from being locked into needing a single brand of Wi-Fi products. There are more than 500 Wi-Fi Alliance member companies that can submit products for certification.

You may be able to connect to free hotspots offered by national cable and television companies depending on where in the Read more…

How New Breakthroughs in Internet Technology Are Being Implemented in Healthcare

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The greater connectivity and communication that the Internet has to offer can make it an important resource for health care providers and medical professionals alike. Learning more about the latest trends and breakthroughs in Internet technology, and what they may mean for the medical industry in terms of the changes and new opportunities that can be had, can be an important undertaking. The tools and resources that are allowing patients to enjoy a better range of health and treatment options are Read more…

The Danger of the NSA’s Plans to Use the Internet to Collect Information on Everyone

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The relentless march of technology is threatening to make the concept of privacy as quaint as uniformed gas station attendants that check oil and clean windshields. Details are emerging that the National Security Agency, or NSA, has access to billions of phone calls and emails and routinely accesses these without warrants or suspicion of any crime being committed or planned.

While people are reacting with outrage to this, they don’t realize that the only thing new about these revelations is the tools being used.The full explanation can be found at Read more…

The Most Recent Changes in Google Web Spiders that Have Changed the Rules of SEO

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Companies that market services related to search engine optimization, or SEO, have recently become very concerned about black and white animals. That’s because the two latest updates to Google’s search algorithm are known as Panda and Penguin.

These updates were sweeping in their scope and game changing in their effects. The goal of both of them was to eliminate low quality content from the rankings and close loopholes that had allowed black hat tactics to dominate organic search results. The rules of SEO were turned upside down Read more…

How the Internet Has Absolutely Transformed the Videogame Industry

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In less than two decades the internet has completely changed how video games are played. The game industry grew as technology evolved, but for many years was still restricted to a player playing on his own or against a friend in the same room. The internet opened up the world of video gaming and gave players the opportunity to test their skills against opponents from around the world.

The first development of internet gaming was online games which became known as massively multiplayer online role playing games, satelliteinternetservices.com, or MMORPGs. The largest of these is “World of Warcraft” which has over 8 million subscribers worldwide. The game is an evolution of one of the first MMORPGs, “Warcraft: Orcs and Humans” which was released in 1994. The success of these games has led to psychologists becoming concerned about video game addiction as stories emerged about obsessive players spending upwards of 12 hours each day playing the games.

Consoles embraced the internet later, but the effect of the web was just as profound. When multiplayer elements were added to console games shooters like “Call of Duty” became as popular online as the MMORPGs. However, it wasn’t just shooters that had gamers signing up for online services. Sports games like “Madden Football” and “FIFA Soccer” are also extremely popular.